Keep track of things in your shed, attic, storage unit that's 24 miles away, back of the closet, anywhere. in a fully searchable app without even having to get up.

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Become third person omniscient when it comes to knowing where your stuff is.

ShedSpread is a tool for organizing your things. Take a picture of your cabinet, fridge, or shelf, you can place boxes on specific parts of an image, label it, and fill it with a list of items.

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"In the attic, rightside shelf, two boxes down, in the brown crate with the sticker peeling off." Too many steps? how about I send you a single image.

ShedSpread lets you share exactly where you stored something in a text or email in just a few seconds.

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Where are those (insert beloved family item here) you say???

You can search the labels of any box spot or item on the search menu and tap to navigate there directly, or browse an organized list of their respective images.

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Full featured, no ads or micropayments

Everything you need straight out of the box. Available on Android, iOS, and Ipad.